Tally Shopper Integration with Sage Accpac ERP.

Apparel industry is the fastest growing industry with a requirement for a business solution which would integrate the back and front office to give a 360 degree view of their inventory, operations and finance to give a detailed retail analytical reports.

Greytrix has enabled Sage Accpac ERP integration with Tally shopper POS which gives the apparel industry the makeover they craved for.  Greytrix develops the link between Tally shopper POS and Sage Accpac ERP which provides a seamless integration between front office activities and back office data bank.

SME Apparel and Shoes Retail vertical is one of the most difficult to manage in terms of software implementation because of disparate and non integrated software’s for front end POS, back end accounting and inventory management systems/warehouse management.

Various Islands of Automation make it problematic to take out Analytical business intelligence reports for seasonality, inventory movement, stock level checks, replenishment scheduling. Also, unique feature of Apparel Retail business is its inventory matrix system which categorizes each of its products in style, size and color matrixes and almost all of the standard ERP systems are not compatible to this kind of inventory stock maintenance. The industry requires a strong financial, Supply Chain Management and Inventory solution along Business Intelligence and Inventory Grid management which can be easily integrated with front end POS systems like Tally Shopper so that a complete 3600 view of the data can be viewed at glance for taking immediate decision.

Tally Shopper 9 POS is a versatile Point of Sale (POS) application which can manage all the operations at a retail outlet or at a distributor's place. Tally Shopper is very liked by retailer in Indian due to it easy operations. Sage Accpac ERP a robust accounting system with an excellent inventory management module when integrated with Tally shopper functions together with build an end to end business solution for the apparel industry.

Greytrix has enabled Sage Accpac ERP and Tally shopper 9 to import and export data such as inventory items, bill details, sales orders seamlessly to provide a synchronization between the staff entry the items purchased by your customers at the store counter and the procurement manager at the back office who requires to keep a check on the reorder-stock levels.

With a world class Sage Accpac ERP functioning at the back end along with a user friendly Tally Shopper POS at the store you can achieve the following improvisation in your business:-

* 360 degree view of the data from purchase, sales and warehouse side at real time for up to date information to the central office

*  Integrated accounting, supply chain and inventory with Shopper front office for updated sales figures vis a vis purchase/manufacturing

*  Business Intelligence reports availability for projections and analysis for inventory planning

*  Any time availability of exact stocks level and replenishment planning for multi format stores

*  Special reporting for inventory management in terms of style, size and color enabling planning and analysis to the micro level

*  Warehouse, Store and in Transit details of inventory reducing wastage

*  Tracking of inventory at the SKU level to help reduce pilferages