Form C is issued by the dealer for purchasing goods from the dealer outside the state in which he resides the effect can be understood by looking at following example IF Mr A Registered Dealer in Hyderabad (AP) wants to purchase goods from Mr B a registered dealer in Mumbai. Mr. B who is selling the goods will charge VAT @ 4% or 12.5% on the goods if Mr. A issues him “C” Form then Mr B should Charge him CST @ 2% so Mr A is Saving Tax.

To avail concessional Tax Rates Customers/Vendors issue different types of statutory forms against their Sales/Purchases to/from a registered customer/vendor for e.g. “C”, “H”, etc are some types of Forms. The add-on will allow users to maintain/track the receipt/issue of such statutory forms in an efficient way. This will also provide reporting on the same

Sage Accpac ERP comprising with Greytrix Statutory Form Maintenance allows the dealer to keep a track of the various form applicable like Form C, H, etc

Greytrix statutory form maintains the track of various forms applicable to the customers and vendors along with the credentials like form name and number.The statutory form can be received from the customer or vendor for the particular invoices in the date range given by the user. The reporting provides flexible filtration options of customer/supplier no. From and To invoice dates before printing the information.